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After completing National Novel Writing Month successfully in November 2011, I spent almost a year preparing my Novel about a Lady Lawyer who works in a large, hugely successful legal environment, and the challenges she faces in her personal life.

This is in the Romance / ChicLit / Law genre.

Available as an ebook at the Amazon Kindle Store www.amazon.com/A-Question-of-Love-ebook/dp/B009DKT

In November 2013 I once again completed National Novel Writing Month successfully writing 50,000 words.  During this time I was asked to be one of six bloggers with www.writersandartists.co.uk describing my modus operandi during the process.  After the holidays I will go back to the story and start the editing process and plan to publish this novel in the next few months.  This time I am writing a novel in the Mystery / Romance genre.









I also have a Travel website www.serioussunshine-blog.com which is mostly about travel experiences I like to share.



Writing is a journey



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