I Love to Shop!

April 23, 2013
When I worked in the "real world" I loved to Shop!  Whereas "our guys" become absorbed in a "Hardware / Do It Yourself" Store, there is something about that feeling for a gal when she enters a Department Store in a `glamorous' part of town!

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When I arrived in South Africa my life comprised "Where's the next Party"?  I had been allocated an interview at a fantastic firm, but its geographical situation proved onerous, and for the first time ever I did not arrive for a pre-arranged interview.  It started to rain rather heavily, and somehow I faced the most beautiful department store, which incidentally became my first job in South Africa!

I am a great believer in "write what you know plus add dollops of imagination" which brings me to my next book, presently in progress.  Actually I work best under a deadline, which boded well for my first novel "A Question of Love", but I hope this time, to have completed my present work in progress, and to publish before NaNoWriMo takes place this year!

So now it is time to focus on the story, without relinquishing my twice weekly gym class and my keyboard music class, plus, plus, plus!   


Preparing Outline for my next Novel

February 16, 2013
I am preparing the Outline for my new Novel which is the "fun" part in the process of writing, where one's imagination can soar whilst creating many different characters and, most importantly, the story.

The world is my oyster and the place and setting, my choice.

Gone are the days of the elegant Barbara Cartland lying gracefully on her couch, dictating to the stenographer in attendance.  Perhaps when I dreamed of one day being a full-time writer this is what I perceived.  Luckily I was a happy...
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JulieForwardDeMay - Blogathon - CellWarNotebooks - IndiesForward

January 31, 2013

Beauty, hope, inspiration and love would describe Julie Forward De May if she were here today.

My attention was drawn recently by Shannon and Toni at www.selfpublishingteam.com to the story of Julie Forward De May and a book entitled "Cell War Notebooks" comprising a compilation of her blog posts.  These were written during the last seven months of her life whilst she bravely battled cervical cancer.

Julie was a creative writing major at Colorado State and always had a dream of being published ...

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Dont begin a story with the weather? Advice I learned - but in the case of my Book - I didn't take!

December 3, 2012
Anyone who knows me will know I have and still follow the prolific advice which is "out there" for authors.

I'm actually quite good at following advice I approve of, but in the case of "A Question of Love"my  recently published Novel, I chose to ignore one piece of advice which I noted, but did not take.

Why, you may ask.  Maybe it is because when I arrived in South Africa a long time ago from Scotland, I had experienced many days which included rain, that is why Scotland is quite simply beauti...
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Book for Free .. er .. But then you haven't Sold .. Or have you?

November 27, 2012
Hubby got me thinking this morning.  He himself has been in sales for many years.  There is nothing that makes him happier than communicating and being with his customers.

So I was voicing this e-book author strategy of putting one's book "out there" - the latest trend - where readers who already have their favourite authors, can see a book "for free" and become acquainted to a new author who maybe, just maybe, they will also like. 

"But then they haven't sold" he said. 

This "free" strategy h...
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Bad Behaviour .. Bring it on .. Will be great for my next book!

November 22, 2012
I used to be quite a sensitive person but now I've noticed as an author I am thinking somewhat differently!

So if you are having a bad day - perhaps throwing all your toys out the cot - perhaps I might notice, have an "aha" moment in looking for a "What If ...." where your Behaviour might be just what I require!


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I'm a Picture Person

November 9, 2012
When one creates a story one has to picture especially the main characters and the cover I chose for my published book "A Question of Love" depicts how I saw the lady lawyer protagonist.

There is another character (male) in my book I just could not see a picture anywhere which fulfilled the picture in my head of this guy.  And then came the Concert for The Queen of England's birthday, and there was the guy I pictured.  How cool, but not being a model or image I couldn't just find a way to show...
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Moving House - Timing not Good!

October 22, 2012

We are slowly but surely becoming settled in our new home, but cr..r..r..azy to move just as one has published a debut novel.  Nonetheless we are so happy, and although I left what will be my writing room till last, that does not indicate just how important it is, actually the opposite!   I will be going back to the book I was creating just before NaNoWriMo in November 2011, which is my first love, but oh how much I have learned since I first put pen to paper.  

in my previous posts I have tal...
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Surreal Feeling - A Question of Love (On Amazon Kindle)

September 21, 2012
Nothing could have prepared me for today!  I thought I would take a glance on Kindle and searched my name, and there it was, with my Debut Novel "A Question of Love".  This Novel is in the genre: Romance  ChicLit  Law.   What a surreal feeling!  My Link Page will take a business day or two longer but one can now download my Book if you own a Kindle!

For those who are thinking of partaking in NaNoWriMo - and have their dreams - do your homework now, start preparing your story, your outline, you...
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Finish Line

September 10, 2012

Well I am at the finishing line and what an incredibly wonderful journey it has been!  My book is now in Production so watch this space as I very shortly will introduce my debut novel.

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