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The Ambitions of my Protagonist Lady Corporate Lawyer

Posted by Janet Gallagher on Friday, August 3, 2012,
In any of the movies or soapies I have seen, it all looks so very glamorous - one sees a courtroom scene, which is ideal for a movie (they must have millions of sets for both court rooms and hospitals also!).  In reality, however, being a lawyer in the corporate environment is actually very hard work, involving copious amounts of administration and an amazing back-up in the form of support staff.

But first one has to acquire the prowess in order to reach that status, and even those who do atta...
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Is The Antagonist Always Bad?

Posted by Janet Gallagher on Wednesday, August 1, 2012,
As I reach final stages of editing my story in the Romance Genre I have to ask the question - Is the Antagonist Always Really Bad and Hateful, or is she a victim of circumstance, looking out for herself, following her own path at any price, no matter who gets hurt or damaged in the process?

Is it really the Antagonist's fault if she is even more beautiful, wealthier, more sexually experienced, than the Protagonist who is our main concern as a reader?

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