Hubby got me thinking this morning.  He himself has been in sales for many years.  There is nothing that makes him happier than communicating and being with his customers.

So I was voicing this e-book author strategy of putting one's book "out there" - the latest trend - where readers who already have their favourite authors, can see a book "for free" and become acquainted to a new author who maybe, just maybe, they will also like. 

"But then they haven't sold" he said. 

This "free" strategy has proved to be very successful for many authors.  Yet if I went to the supermarket and the items I normally pay for suddenly introduced a brand "for free" would I find it attractive to come out of the store with a trolley full of goodies for which I paid nil, zilch, nothing!  And the week after different products were for free would I also buy those in preference to my already favourite items.  Where would it end? 

Are authors undermining their prowess?  Are they doing the right thing to build their readers? As a "newbie" who still charges - I would love to hear your comments.