Anyone who knows me will know I have and still follow the prolific advice which is "out there" for authors.

I'm actually quite good at following advice I approve of, but in the case of "A Question of Love"my  recently published Novel, I chose to ignore one piece of advice which I noted, but did not take.

Why, you may ask.  Maybe it is because when I arrived in South Africa a long time ago from Scotland, I had experienced many days which included rain, that is why Scotland is quite simply beautiful.  I arrived in Johannesburg in the early summer with days then comprising hot, sunny weather.  However, around close to five in the evening the clouds would blacken with the most unbelievable regularity and down would come the storm, teaming rain, thunder and lightning just as everyone was leaving work to go home.  Having lived in a country where it rained so much, but hardly any storms I was completely fascinated with the regularity of this to me then, strange, climate.

As the first scene starts at the office, where my career girl protagonist is not one of those lucky enough to work normal working hours, I just had to include the stormy scene outside, as most of the office staff were due to finish work for the day.

I wonder how many rules I shall break?  I really feel I had an excuse this time.