When I worked in the "real world" I loved to Shop!  Whereas "our guys" become absorbed in a "Hardware / Do It Yourself" Store, there is something about that feeling for a gal when she enters a Department Store in a `glamorous' part of town!

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When I arrived in South Africa my life comprised "Where's the next Party"?  I had been allocated an interview at a fantastic firm, but its geographical situation proved onerous, and for the first time ever I did not arrive for a pre-arranged interview.  It started to rain rather heavily, and somehow I faced the most beautiful department store, which incidentally became my first job in South Africa!

I am a great believer in "write what you know plus add dollops of imagination" which brings me to my next book, presently in progress.  Actually I work best under a deadline, which boded well for my first novel "A Question of Love", but I hope this time, to have completed my present work in progress, and to publish before NaNoWriMo takes place this year!

So now it is time to focus on the story, without relinquishing my twice weekly gym class and my keyboard music class, plus, plus, plus!