Beauty, hope, inspiration and love would describe Julie Forward De May if she were here today.

My attention was drawn recently by Shannon and Toni at to the story of Julie Forward De May and a book entitled "Cell War Notebooks" comprising a compilation of her blog posts.  These were written during the last seven months of her life whilst she bravely battled cervical cancer.

Julie was a creative writing major at Colorado State and always had a dream of being published one day.  This is the reason why her mother made the decision to self publish her blog in 2011.

Julie would have been especially driven to succeed for the sake of her daughter, Luka, who is nine years old.  All the proceeds from the book go to Luka.

Since Julie is unable to blog awareness of her book, I today am one of the participants of a Blogathon on this 31 January 2012.

Please stop by Shannon and Toni at where you will find the Amazon link to the book, presently only in paperback.