I am preparing the Outline for my new Novel which is the "fun" part in the process of writing, where one's imagination can soar whilst creating many different characters and, most importantly, the story.

The world is my oyster and the place and setting, my choice.

Gone are the days of the elegant Barbara Cartland lying gracefully on her couch, dictating to the stenographer in attendance.  Perhaps when I dreamed of one day being a full-time writer this is what I perceived.  Luckily I was a happy "Geek" in the real working world, before I attempted writing professionally.

In the creation of my writing work, I want to stop and ponder on writers I have enjoyed so very much, and now make a wish for a "dash" each of the prowess of:

Jane Austin - her observation, wit and sensibility;

John Connolly - his down to earth surroundings, mystery and believable characters;

Enid Blyton - although she herself was no longer a child, she could entrench into our childish minds, such imagination and sense of adventure;

Maive Binchy - I adored how she would transpose me into the Irish village, along with her colourful characters;

Louisa May Alcott - In Little Women Family Love is depicted so lovingly under difficult circumstances.  I can still picture the snow on the ground and the beautiful surroundings of that era.

So my imagination is ready, and looking forward again to this process.