I actually haven't yet read the successful book "50 Shades of Grey".  It is, however, downloaded onto hubby's Kindle.

As a writer in the romance genre, it is necessary to include in adult fiction .... oops....  the Sex Scene.  In the book I am creating now, there are a few scenes of a sexual nature, and they are most certainly integral in my story and not added for any other reason.

When I was partaking in the "So So Not Chic Lit" course last year, through Stanford University, conducted by Wendy Tokunaga, I submitted a scene as part of the course.  The set up was just beautiful, the protagonist had met a man of her dreams, was young and quite, quite beautiful and they had a liaison.  This liaison was definitely not "shown" by me, with my description being "He did not disappoint ....".    Other participants in the course had to crit. our work and the one male in our course just about "burst a blood vessel" at my scene!   "Is that all you have to say, he asked?"   I surely had a lot to learn at that point and as I look back on my writing journey, I now realise that as a writer, our book of creation is not about us, it is about our protagonist.   There is absolutely no room for modesty and as such we must "show" our character's feelings, ensuring our precious about-to-be readers are involved totally and thus glean huge enjoyment, in the stories we create.