Nothing could have prepared me for today!  I thought I would take a glance on Kindle and searched my name, and there it was, with my Debut Novel "A Question of Love".  This Novel is in the genre: Romance  ChicLit  Law.   What a surreal feeling!  My Link Page will take a business day or two longer but one can now download my Book if you own a Kindle!

For those who are thinking of partaking in NaNoWriMo - and have their dreams - do your homework now, start preparing your story, your outline, your structure, so that you are ready to write your first words on Day 1 - 1st November.  It is sooo worth it and after that time when you are literally re-writing in toto what you have created in NaNoWriMo, soak in every breath of advice offered by the generous authors "out there" who share their infinite wisdom with you!